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Premier Miniature Schnauzer Purchase Contract

Download and print the below contract here:

We, the said breeder, 100% guarantee our puppies against all genetic diseases. Your puppy has been checked by our veterinarian and has been found to be in good health! The said below purchaser, at their expense, must have their veterinarian check the puppy within 72 hours to verify the puppy's health. In the unlikely event of a health problem, we the said breeder, require a veterinarian statement along with supporting tests, x-rays, and ALL other supporting documentation as proof of the said diagnosis. In addition, the said breeder, maintains the right to have the puppy examined and further tested by breeder's veterinarian. If a problem does exist, the purchase price of the puppy, less the deposit, will be refunded.

​I, the purchaser of the below said puppy, am bound by this contract, FOR ANY REASON that I am not able to keep the below said puppy, I am to immediately contact Premier Miniature Schnauzers, at which time the below said puppy is to be returned. Under no circumstance, is this puppy to be sold, given up for adoption, or placed in a shelter. 

I, the purchaser of the below said puppy, am fully aware that the AKC registration is LIMITED. At no time, nor for any reason, is the below said puppy to be used for breeding. 

Sold To: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________________________________________          State: ____________          Zip Code: _________________

Phone: _______________________________________________

Sex: _____________          Color: _____________            DOB: ____________

5 Way Shots: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Strongid Wormer: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Sire: _______________________________________________           REG #______________________________________ 

Dam: ______________________________________________           REG # ______________________________________

Price: $ ____________________                Deposit: $ __________________              Balance: $ __________________

I have read and agree to the above contract.

Purchaser's Signature: ______________________________________________________________________________

Breeder's Signature: _______________________________________________________________________________

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