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Past Customers


Tony, Connie and Cody Buffa
San Luis Obispo, CA

Hi Noreen,

A few months back I asked you about some scratching/nibbling issues with our B/S schnauzer, Cody, whom we got from you back in July 2009.  Since then we discovered A FLEA, just one ... and apparently that was it.  The vet's theory is that it created a lot of bites and Cody was nibbling and chewing on those when they itched. He switched us from the topical Frontline medication to an oral (once per month) flea medication called Comfortis.  Comfortis says it works almost immediately and wow did it.  In a day or so the symptoms were almost gone and since mid July he has been fairly normal, with the usual male dog scratching.

So then the issue was where did the fleas come from since the house and backyard are small enough to keep flea-free. As it turns out, the folks who sit him while we are gone take him to their house and they have a large fluffy white dog, with fleas!  We just returned from a trip, and sure enough, he was scratching.  We picked a couple of the fleas off him, gave him his Comfortis for the month, and he was back to normal in 3 days.

Thought you would like to know that it wasn't all the other bad things like food allergies, or just plain dry skin or genetic things.

Hope all is well, have a good rest of the summer. I am attaching a recent photo of the boy who is Mr. Personality in our local park.



Shannon & Mach Toby

It was so nice to hear from you today. I actually check back at your website frequently and I am glad to know that you are still breeding. I know in a couple of years, when I have a larger place, I will want another puppy from you. 

Cyrus is amazing. He is the best dog I have ever had. He is smart, playful, loving, and obedient. People are amazed at how gorgeous and sweet he is. Schnauzer enthusiasts comment on his perfect conformation and coloring and others simply say he is one of the most beautiful dogs they have ever seen. From the very first day he has slept through the entire night without making a peep. He was almost completely potty-trained by four months and by then he could also sit and stay. He even stays when we throw the ball and waits for me to tell him to go fetch it. 

He gets along great with people and other dogs. He loves to go to the dog park and play with all the other dogs. He always keeps an eye on me and comes to me immediately when he hears me call. People are amazed by how well he listens to me in such a distracting environment. The vet was surprised at how even tempered he was. He explained how most schnauzers that come in are snippy and high strung, but not my Cyrus! The groomer has commented as well, saying that he is the only schnauzer that will be nice to her even if she is grinding his nails. Cyrus loves children too. When they want to pet him, I never worry that he will be too rowdy or playful with them. He seems to sense that little children are delicate and he lets them pet him and play with his ears while he holds very still and licks their little hands. Everyone loves him and I have had people ask me if they can watch him when I am away. 

One of the most amazing things about him, we discovered when my grandmother got a dog of her own, Charlie. This little puppy is very rambunctious and has a short attention span. Cyrus nips Charlie's ear if he is not listening to us. Once, when we were trying to get Charlie to sit, Cyrus watched for a few minutes before coming over and pushing Charlie's butt down with his snout. He has helped immensely in training Charlie and Charlie now cries whenever Cyrus leaves. 

My mother, a miniature pinscher fanatic, has even said that she wants her next dog to be a mini schnauzer after spending time with my baby. My sisters love him so much. My sister Allison, who is a girl scout in Los Angeles, is going to train Cyrus to be a therapy dog with her girl scout troop. By sometime next year, my little Cyrus will be a certified therapy dog as well.

Another wonderful thing about this dog is that he wants to keep me safe, despite his tiny (14.5 pounds) size. He patrols the apartment several times per night, sniffing in all the corners. He growls when people walk behind me on our walks, he barks at other dogs that try to jump on me at the park, he even barks at my boyfriend if he comes in while I am sleeping. Most of the time, however, he just sleeps on my feet while I study and follows me happily from room to room. 

I love this dog with all my heart. He is really like my baby. I am a full time law student and I work part time at the local courthouse. My first year was so daunting, I almost quit. I am not a quitter, but law school almost proved to be too much to me. If it weren't for this dog, I would have packed up and gone home a long time ago. He keeps me warm at night, he makes me feel safe, he is my study buddy, cuddle bug, movie partner, Frasier-marathon compatriot, pint-sized body guard and more. His happy jumps and cuddles after a long day of work can make me smile no matter how horrible my day was.

I can't thank you enough for bringing this little guy into my life. I can't wait until I have a place with a yard so that I can get a little brother or sister for him from you. I know I can trust you for an even tempered, smart, beautiful dog. 





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